Chennai Pride March 2018

It was my first pride, a rite of passage of sorts. An introduction to a community where I belonged but didn’t exactly feel that way till I was in the heart of the crowd, in the middle of a residential street. The experience was, for the lack of other words, surreal. Before I entered the […]

Baggage claims// unedited.

“For security reasons, baggage left unattended will be removed and destroyed.” A stoic silence reverbs through the airport. Nobody comes forth claiming their belongings. I can’t be the only one eager to leave them all behind. The atmosphere remains calm, although now it is taut. Frigid and silent waiting for the janitor to remove the […]

Defining nightmares.

One shot down, I think I see clearer now. I think I wasn’t wrong. It sure did feel right, But I don’t want to feel at all. The numbness peaks at my fingertips Easing away into caustic raw emotions. Two shots down, I think I can get away with this If I refuse to emote, […]

Story// He had a story to tell.

I’m not going to tell you his name. It is irrelevant to this story, and to be honest, I need to protect his identity. He is one of my many employees. Pretty normal chap except he had a particular passion for observing patterns. He saw patterns in behavior, arrangements, people, timings, literally anything. He had […]